Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gadgets For Life

Gadgets For Life is Coming From NerveLife

Just released my latest iPhone app called "Gadgets". And while writing this post I'm waiting Impatiently for Apple review and hopefully they are going to approve it soon.
Simply The app is about gadgets, technology products, reviews, prices and specifications. It's my first experience as an iOS developer but I've been developer for most of my life. Let me tell you something about "Objective C" It's hmmm C with "Objects" that's all (Hahaha).. Really, it was hard for me at the beginning to get some of the concepts out there, Specially those "Memory" releases & retains. As a java developer we don't worry about these things, Thanks to java garbage collector. Even worse like one of the simple concepts"@property with retain" I didn't fully understand until I had reach half way. How smart I am ??
Although, all the fun was about using Xcode. Seriously, if you think eclipse is the best IDE out there!! Then you don't know Xcode and it's breezy fast way of making my life less messy;
Well, This is just my first impression at least I have one.
Anyway, the app looks simple but took me a month to finish it. let's say 4 to 5 hours daily average. 45% of the time spent on fixing memory leaks (LOL).. But no worries there are more updates to come.
So, don't miss it. It's very useful app and I use it most of the time to help me find some good products.

See you soon with the iPad version, Bye..

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

google-appengine Sessions "Error: 500 Server Error"

When it comes for testing a new environment it means "shoot and trash" that means also a lot of bad executions.
So, when I heard of appengine I started right away making small examples. First, The "Guest Book" then come back to GWT and so on.
Until I ended up making Url API calls to twitter OAuth API and had this strange Exception "500 Server Error appengine".
When you go to the appengine log you find it caused by "java.lang.ArrayStoreException" when you play a little with sessions.
Still I have no explaining of what cause this problem but I manage to solve it by removing the session data in DataStore and clear chache data in my browser.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Changed blog theme and added widgets

I've just finished changing the style and theme for this blog, it took me while to do it but after all I'm Done. It's hosted in Blogger site, I removed the "Navigation Bar" and changed the Icon Address bar.

here it's how I done it :

Removing "Navigarion Bar" Place the code below /* Variable definitions in your template
#navbar-iframe {
display: none !important;
} Place your icon in address bar instead of "B" Blogger icon also place the code below under "Head" section in your template
"link href="%27http://your-image-22x22%27" rel="'SHORTCUT""

Okay, there is another whole post comming

Welcome to Yasser's new blog

coming soon !